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Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Peter Cramer has been singing, playing woodwinds and piano since early childhood. The son of professional musicians, Peter began singing in local choirs and toured Europe by the age of 13. Later studies also led to performances in Chicago and New York, and further Midwest tours with the University of Minnesota's Men's Chorus under the direction of Kathy Saltzman Romey. While actively singing in the Minneapolis area, Peter also studied classical saxophone under local notable Nancy Truchinski, performing regular recitals at local concert halls.  Since moving to Seattle in 2000, Peter performed in local venues and studied privately until continuing his music studies at Seattle's Cornish College of the Arts in the fall of 2003. While receiving scholarships in each successive year at Cornish, Peter studied and performed with jazz notables Julian Priester, Hans Teuber, Chuck Deardorf, Randy Halberstadt, Denney Goodhew, Jim Knapp, Dawn Clement, Hans Brehmer, Jeff Johnson, and Chris Symer. He also performed in master class with Kevin Mahogany, Matt Wilson and the Bill Mays Trio. Peter graduated cum laude with his Bachelor of Music in spring of 2007. Before, during and after pursuing his degree, Peter has actively performed around the Seattle area, including performances at Cornish's PONCHO recital hall, Tula's jazz club, Seattle City Hall, every Monday night for 2 years at the Capital Club, and many others. Peter has also arranged music for big bands, including the Jim Knapp orchestra, and his arrangements have been performed by the orchestra at the Seattle Drum School. Throughout his extensive performance and educational history, Peter has also been teaching privately since 2007. His teaching experience includes the Half Note Studio in Bellevue from 2007 to 2011, and Plateau Music in Issaquah from 2010 to 2017. Currently he teaches from his studio in the north Admiral neighborhood of West Seattle. He also performs with his own quartet and in collaboration with various top talents of Seattle's music community, and composes for numerous genres. He lives with his wife and vizsla in Seattle.




Music instruction with a view taught in the north Admiral neighborhood of West Seattle.  Piano, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and voice.  Arranging, transcription, and theory also available.  Minimum age 8-10.  Intermediate and advanced students preferred.  Serious beginners and in home lessons considered on a case by case basis.  Lesson availability limited.  Please click the contact link and write a brief message for scheduling and interviews.      




Peter knows and loves music – he thoroughly “gets” people – and his teaching reflects both of these exceptional gifts.  Peter’s teaching is the patient, intuitive “unlocking” of both youth and adults who want to master their own musical expression, whether instrumental or voice.  He can “grow” a six-year-old with just the right pacing and success, inspire a young teen to more playful confidence, and help a 70-year-old to relax old patterns for the joy of creating new ones.   

My eight-year-old granddaughter and I have been his students for the past two years, and we both feel the magic as we are growing in our own ways.   In summary, Peter’s teaching is personal, versatile, and simply masterful!  

Dr. Janet Barry

Retired Superintendent

Issaquah School District


We've had the privilege of working with Peter for the past two years. Peter is truly a master at teaching music. He possesses the perfect combination of competence, organization, and passion for music united with an easy, laid back manner and exceptional ability to read his student. Invaluable! Our son's skills and confidence thrive under Peter's instruction. 

In addition to making a huge contribution to our son's musical development, Peter has also been a pleasure to work with. He's always responsive to communication, flexible when needed, reliable, cheerful, and professional. 

At one point, grandpa (a professional opera singer) offered to take our son to his own voice instructor for his lessons. Our son insisted on continuing with Peter and declined grandpa's offer. For me, this clearly illustrated the connection Peter cultivates with his students. 

We are truly grateful to have this opportunity for our son to learn from the best.

The Bilbro family


We feel very fortunate to have Peter as our piano teacher. He has been a teacher to our teenage son for the last 3 years. He is an excellent teacher for many reasons. A few are as follows: 

He is an effective communicator and teacher. He has a great deal of knowledge, education and training in the subject matter. He has a deep understanding in various aspects of music and musical performance. He has a good classical foundation coupled with great understanding and experience in jazz.

He is very professional while being very approachable. He has a great rapport with our child and is very patient.

His lessons are structured but also allow for variation based on the student's interest or questions. He is methodical, clear and takes a pace that complements the student.



Our daughter has been taking piano and clarinet lessons from Peter for 5 years. With Peter's mentoring she has been able to reach a level of proficiency that is truly amazing. He is patient, caring and able to give her confidence in her ability to become a successful musician.  Because of her success and comfort level with Peter and his approach, our son has begun to take lessons with Peter based on his sister's recommendation.  He has physical challenges compounded by ataxic cerebral palsy and suffers from hand tremors.  Despite this condition Peter has approached his lessons with compassion, enthusiasm and fun.  As a result, our son is also playing at a level we never thought possible and just as importantly found a love for music and a personal confidence that we are sure will assist him all aspects of his life.  Bottom line, both our children continue to grow as musicians, look forward to their lessons and are filling the house with beautiful music!  Thanks Peter!!

Tom and Johanna


Peter has been working with our son for just about four years and we can confidently say that there is no one else we would want to teach and guide our son through the world of music. Peter brings both an atmosphere of learning and growth in every lesson and we've really seen our child improve greatly under his teachings. Peter has been so professional and yet lighthearted and engaging, that he creates both a fun yet musically academic environment and from the smile on our son’s face after his lesson, we can really see how much he enjoys Peters company and tutelage. There is no one else who can really offer what Peter can and we have just been so happy and thrilled with everything he has done for both us and our child and can't recommend anyone higher.

Igor and Olga 


Click on the Vimeo link in the sunset to connect to some new video clips of some old songs and a few new originals.  Full versions of the tunes available upon request.   


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